The Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) invites entries for its Road Engineering Excellence Award, which will be conferred in conjunction with the Malaysian Road Conference. The award, introduced in 2002, was to give recognition to the most outstanding road engineering project built within Malaysia. There are 2 categories for the award – project cost less than RM100 million and more than RM100 million. The award will be presented by the guest of honour at the official opening ceremony of the 12th Malaysian Road Conference & Exhibition 2024 and the 5th International Road Federation Global Asia-Pacific Regional Congress.


  1. To recognize outstanding achievements in road engineering in terms of project function, design, construction and operation.
  2. To promote the development of quality built environment that contributes towards economic and social development of the country.
  3. To promote public awareness of outstanding road engineering projects.


  1. Making contributions to society, economy, and sustainability.
  2. Resourcefulness and innovation in planning, design, construction and solution of problems.
  3. Safety features and operational safety record.
  4. Preservation and protection of environment.
  5. Pioneering use of materials and methods, particularly those of Malaysian origin.
  6. Incorporation of futuristic and aesthetic values.
  7. Promoting effectiveness for energy saving and carbon reduction.
  8. Promoting the effectiveness of maintenance.


The types of projects, singularly or in combination, eligible for consideration:

  1. Roads / highways
  2. Bridges / viaducts
  3. Tunnels
  4. Interchanges

The project must be built within Malaysia, completed and operational during the period between July 2022–June 2024.

The Award

The Award consists of one challenge trophy for each categories, three replicas and three certificates. The Project Owner, the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor of the winning project shall each be awarded a replica and a certificate. The Project Owner shall be entitled to keep the challenge trophy for a period of six months, after which it shall be returned to REAM.

Panel of judges

A panel of not less than three judges comprising prominent personalities in the road engineering industry will be invited to review and select the winning entry.

The panel of judges shall have absolute discretion to accept or reject entries that do not comply with the requirements of the rules. The judges’ discretion shall be final and binding on all entries and no discussion or correspondence whatsoever relating to any of the judges’ decision shall be entered into.

How to enter

Entries in typewritten form must contain the following data:

  • Name of owner
  • Location of project
  • Name of project
  • Date of fully operational
  • Name of principal designer
  • Name of principal contractor
  • Name, address, telephone / fax number of person / organisation submitting the entry

A brief on the project on two single-sided A4 size paper containing not more than 500 words with the following descriptions:

  • Why the project should be considered for this award
  • The purpose of the project
  • The design approach
  • Uniqueness and justification on the method of construction
  • Any other details considered relevant to the judging criteria

Entries should include, if available, the following to illustrate the salient features of the project:

  • Layout plan (on A3 size paper)
  • Progress photographs
  • Video clips from implementation to completion

A short edited version of the video clips / photographs of the winning entry may screened during the award presentation ceremony.

Information provided in the submission need to be true.
In the event false information is provided, this may affect the judging process with immediate disqualification.

Closing date

All nominations must arrive no later than 1 August 2024 at:
Secretariat for Road Engineering Excellence Award 2024
Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM)
46A, Jalan Bola Tampar 13/14, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

For further enquiries, please contact:
+603-5513 6521 (Ir. Dr. Fairul Zahri)
+603-5513 6522 (Zaidi Mat Rifin)
Fax: +603-5513 6523