Attention to all undergraduates!
Calling All Future Road Design Visionaries!

We are excited to announce REAM YEP will holding a Road Design Competition during the 12th Malaysian Road Conference & Exhibition 2024! The competition is open to all undergraduates who are passionate about road engineering in shaping the future of our roadways.

Unleash your creativity and design skills! We are looking for innovative and thoughtful concepts that will make our roads safer, more efficient, and sustainable. Don't miss this chance to showcase your ideas and make a real impact!


  • Participants will be provided with sufficient information;
  • Participants will need to design a road which includes BIM Modelling up to LOD200;
  • Three (3) minutes minimum of video modelling;
  • Detailed rules and regulation will be provided.

Entrance Fee

RM 200.00 per group of 3.


Exciting prizes await you.

Contact Person:
+6014-338 4136 (Ir. Muhamad Uzed bin Mahmud)
+6010-400 6091 (Ir. Amirrul Izzat bin Ismail)
+6013-331 8294 (Nur Syazwani bin Jamaluddin)
or Email us at